Six focus from Blush from ORLY
 Spring beauty salons customers feel special. They want new emotions, bright images, they want to emphasize your style with the help of make-up and manicure. The company ORLY, faithful companion of Russian ladies and nail-industry professionals have long understood the feminine soul. In the spring of 2014 the legendary beauty-the company decided to create a spring collection of lacquers called Blush.

Gentle hugs, feminine, dreamy, sweet bliss - these are the six colors unusual spring collection ORLY . Manicure with pastel colors Blush   in tandem with delicate shades of blush - ideally suited to each other, they look stylish and spring. Lipstick, matched the color of nail polish, it has become a classic. Today, it has given way to blush.

Collection Blush   It includes unique colors: pink First Blush, peach Cheeky Full, coral Dare To Bare, gray-brown Classic Contour, rich purple and muted Flawless Flush with gold Shimmer Naked Canvas.

 Six focus from Blush from ORLY

Six spring colors Blush   - Six female characters. Yes! ORLY   He knows the secrets of how to deliver real pleasure!

Author: Anna Shustrova