Victoria's Secret Angel Dream - already on sale in Russia!
 The family of flavors Victoria's Secret new replenishment - meet new perfume from the world famous American brand - Angel Dream!

In the collection of the new Victoria's Secret Angel - is the fragrance Angel Dream! Light as a feather white weightless, sensual, seductive like Lily Aldridge - face Angel Dream.

Perfumes inspired by the incredible natural beauty of "Angels» Victoria's Secret. Angel Dream aroma of every girl will be surrounded by attention, everyone will feel like a star. The fragrance begins with sweet fruity notes, and then performs a lush bouquet of floral chords and in the loop reveals the warmth of wood and musk.

Angel Dream   It envelops the skin like exquisite lace! Bottle Angel Dream - this is clearly verified forms and shapes. Pearlescent glass pale pink conveys a romantic character flavor and volume transparent wings that are attached to the back of the bottle, refer to the main character of the brand Victoria's Secret - the angels.

The collection Angel Dream includes the following products:

Eau de parfum 75 ml 2 950 rubles.

Delicate aroma of appropriate and unobtrusive to date, and during workdays.

 Victoria s Secret Angel Dream - already on sale in Russia!

Perfumed Body Spray , 250 ml, 1 350 rubles.

This tool is in a pretty pink bottle, decorated with wings - decoration bathroom. Spray is easy to apply and distribute through the body, it is instantly absorbed, leaving a delicate floral scent.

 Victoria s Secret Angel Dream - already on sale in Russia!

Perfumed Body Lotion 250 ml, 990 rubles.

Packing is equipped with dispenser - easy to use lotion. In addition to moisturizing ingredients in the formula are present notes of the perfume Angel Dream, so the product is not only cares for the skin, but also gives it a delicate flavor.

 Victoria s Secret Angel Dream - already on sale in Russia!

Olfactory family of Angel Dream:   fruity floral.

Top notes:   strawberry leaves, currants, Chinese Mandarin, cucumber.

Heart notes:   rose, jasmine, green, juicy melon, violet.

Notes loop:   musk, sandalwood, ambretta, cedar, Madagascan vanilla, apple.

Author: Anna Shustrova