More than half of men use moisturizer for the face
 Perhaps this news will prompt you that a guy friend to buy a gift. A new study by market research company Mintel, shows that the moisturizer for the skin are more than half of men of all ages.

The figures were announced publication HuffPost. 58% of men aged 18-24 and 63% aged 25-34 use facial moisturizing product.

Men are now more interested in the whole beauty's Skin and means - conclude marketers. The market responds to men's needs. In the last 2 years (2012 and 2013) there was a lot of male products, which have never been released. It is measures such as eye cream or serum specially designed for male skin.

Great show growth and salon services for men. Especially increased revenues stylists and hairdressers who specialize in men's hairstyles. This segment has growth to 20%.

Let's return to Christmas gifts. US marketers are advised to buy a present for men not just shaving, and moisturizer, eye cream, and maybe some foundation. They say this stronger sex is ready. And we?

Author: Julia Gnedina