Acoustic Festival "Turtledove" 2013
 November 24 in the Concert Hall of the Darwin Museum, for the sixth time, the festival will take place an acoustic "Turtledove". As always, there will come a variety of musical projects vocalist to sing the most tender songs. "Turtledove" traditionally held on Mother's Day, and this name, as well as an acoustic format of the festival invented by chance. Elegant, cooing birds most accurately reflects the image of a singing woman and a mother, and a transparent acoustics - the best way to reveal the beauty of the female voice.

"Meydeleh"   - Three lively girls changing dresses with polka dots on a vest and a tutu, dancing enthusiastically with umbrellas and chairs, brilliant singing songs The Barry Sisters, Habanot Nechama, Blondie, Leonid Utesov and Edith Piekha. Each output on stage "Meydeleh" was converted into a theater performance, no wonder they brilliantly finished GITIS.

"Have you seen! Know"   - Song of the group each time, listen as the first. They do not lend themselves to a dry classification and absorbed all at once: forever young disco, space electronics based on the "Mystery of the Third Planet", a magical theater and noble jazz. The soul of the team - a great Lisa (Irina Lyasovskaya) every minute "spark" and sends the hall vibes happiness.

 Acoustic Festival "Turtledove" 2013

"Asea Sool"   - Georgian project «Asea Sool», which sings magnetic Athens Cornelius has a surprisingly "velvet" voice and an incredibly wide range. They say that she sang before the spoke itself Nino Katamadze noted many times that the voice of Athens is worthy of the best praise.

"My Sister's Band"   - A very energetic musical collective with two charming girls on vocals. They effortlessly blended in his work all the styles that give joy to the people on the dance floor. Despite the fact that the band has just recorded the first album, they already has toured Europe and America, and also wrote a couple of soundtracks for movies.

In addition to the concert takes place here is not a lot of musical entertainment and workshops. As always, the day of the festival in the gallery of the Darwin Museum will open a photo exhibition, which this year will be named "Mom instagrame" . In the lobby of the museum located Fair Handmaiden "The Gift Bazaar" , Which this year will also be "thematic", here visitors will find dolls and handmade jewelery, soaps and candles, designer clothes, gifts and other cute little things.

In the five years of "Turtle-dove" was the long-awaited event, where people come with your family and children, where there are friends and good music. Himself Darwin Museum - a great place for Sunday leisure with lots of interactive exhibits, collections of rare and atmospheric cafe, which is decorated "based on» Janis Joplin.

Author: Anna Shustrova