The contest "Festival comes to us ..." on
 Before the New Year there are not so many, we do not yet frantically, but more intelligently and carefully studying ideas for handmade home decorations and lists of those who want to give a gift. And the real needlewoman will present their own work, and how? A and publishing Eksmo decided to make to prepare for the New Year a little competition, inviting you to the competition, which is held together with the publishing house Eksmo.

Now, attention! New contest! And the new rules of the contest!

In the competition can participate the material on the theme of preparation for Christmas and New Year. It is not one group, or one section of articles. Competitive work can be placed in his diary, all handmade group ("Crafts", "dolls Tilda and other primitive toy", "Knitting", "Decoupage"), under articles "Crafts" in general, wherever you prefer. What is considered "training"? Anything! Author toys, including the Christmas tree, symbols of the next year, wreaths, pillows, gifts, gift packaging, in general, everything that I want to do in the run-up to the holiday!

To your work never lost, it must be placed here at the comments link to it.   Of course, if you invite friends to your own blog or other social networks to look at your work, it will be just great!

Five winners will receive from the publisher Eksmo set of books, novelties:

Tatiana Bulatov, "Oh, this Lucy"

 The contest "Festival comes to us ..." on

Tatiana Bulatov has a rare gift to see the simple complex, between the small everyday details draws what people live, which is the very basis of their existence. Tracing the fate of her character, the author brings to the fore a number of interesting typecasting, thoughtfully and slowly reveals to readers of history, reveals the reasons given by the actions and sensitive issues.

Olga Karpovich "Backstage novel"

 The contest "Festival comes to us ..." on

In his new novel, Olga Karpovich raises difficult questions and offers interesting answers. This book will remain in memory for a long time!

Tatyana Polyakova "Find, love and revenge"

 The contest "Festival comes to us ..." on

The publishing house "Eksmo" comes a new novel by the Queen's Tatyana Polyakova detective adventure "Find, love and revenge." Polina - the main character of this fascinating history - could not stay away from the investigation of the crime, the witness whom she was "on the air."

More to come! We usually have the prizes are distributed only on the territory of Russia, but Veritas offered a special prize for the author liked her work in Ukraine.

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Author: Anna Shustrova