New Lip Balm NIVEA Lip Care «Aqua Care"
 Experts at NIVEA Lip Care developed a new lip balm "Aqua Care", which provides a complex effect on the delicate skin of the lips.

New balm:

• intensively moisturizes dry skin, makes lips soft and gentle;

• helps to maintain the natural balance of moisture;

• quickly absorbed thanks to an easy formula and non-greasy texture;

• Factor SPF15 sunscreen protects against UV rays.

The secret of the high efficiency of the new balm in his moisturizing formula with aloe vera extract and technology, intelligent skin hydration HYDRA IQ:

Aloe vera   It contains over 150 nutrients - vitamins, minerals and trace elements, but also has anti-inflammatory properties. It provides intense hydration and nourishment of the lips.

Hydra IQ   - The system of "smart" moisturizing, a unique technology that helps to maintain the natural level of the skin moisturized.

 New Lip Balm NIVEA Lip Care «Aqua Care"

NIVEA Lip Care - the absolute leader in the market of means to care for lips. Today is a brand on the market №1 lip balms. Five of the ten most popular lip balms in the world created by the Laboratory of NIVEA.

  Source: Nielsen, 2011; Euromonitor 2012.

Author: Anna Shustrova