Innovation: lip balm and eye 2-in-1
 Very pleasant novelty prepared a luxury brand La Prairie. Two important product (eye cream and lip balm) were combined in one compact.

Now have these two tools in a small cosmetics is very convenient.

Reticulation with eye cream promises a good anti-aging product in the form of a gel, which not only refreshes the skin and gets rid of dark circles, but can serve as a moisturizing base under makeup. As for the lip balm, this product seals and smoothes the skin of the lips. Both products have a formula in cell complex derived from eggs that helps tighten and rejuvenate the skin.

 Innovation: lip balm and eye 2-in-1

There are also in the compact mirror. Upsets only the price - $ 150. But maybe someone from budget brands to repeat such a valuable and user-friendly product?

Author: Julia Gnedina