Nivea Men conquer the Alps
 More recently, Russian fans of the sport and active leisure discovered a young, but very promising discipline - kayaking. Sport, took as a basis the traditional boat of the peoples of the Arctic, is now available almost to everyone - fans of tourism master alloys on the calm water and ekstremaly wanted most turbulent mountain rivers.

A popular brand of Nivea Men, known for many years supporting male sport seriously "fascinated" kayaking. To support the initiative of these men who seek 100% to reach their potential, Nivea Men became a partner of the project RideThePlanet Dedicated to kayaking and freeride. Participants RideThePlanet - leading Russian athletes - travel around the world, opening up new areas for kayaking, and at the same time "test of strength" men's cosmetics Nivea Men.

Summer travel of athletes supported by Nivea Men began with the cult for kayaking areas in northern Italy - Valsesia valley and mountain river Sesia. "In early summer, the river Sesia, forming a valley attracts dozens of tributaries, each of which is worthy of attention the extreme kayakers from around the world - party talks RideThePlanet Dmitry Danilov . - We started with basic rafting spots in the Sesia, remember that plenty of water and powerful rapids, and then moved to the tributaries Egua, Grądy and sorbitol - a classic alpine extreme metal. On Sorbet Yegor Voskoboynikov and Alexei Lukin passed the famous Devil's Slide - Waterfall in the gap length of about thirty meters with a vertical drop about fifteen. "   It is clear that the most difficult descents consuming effort. But even at such times, in spite of the hard exercise, refreshing shower gel "Refreshing Menthol" from Nivea Men   He gave athletes a pleasant coolness and courage.

 Nivea Men conquer the Alps

After completing the trip to the Italian Alps in Valsesia and Valle d'Aosta, a team of kayakers moved to Switzerland to Lake Maggiore. Tells Dmitry Danilov : "Leaving Italy, we immediately noticed a change in the natural environment - Switzerland met us with cold high passes and stern" typically Norwegian "scenery. Here we have outlined the passage of the rivers Verzasca and Ribot, each of which is legendary among kayakers Europe. The water level in both rivers was low, but that does not prevent us to jump into one of the highest waterfalls in Switzerland passed (about 12 meters) and a swim in the lower gorge on Verzasca ".   With the age-old male kayakers pragmatism combined business with pleasure - swimming with hair care, taking the falls shampoo "Energy and Power" by Nivea Men . In keeping with the name of the application that provides the means of hair (as well as the holder) the influx of new forces, essential in the harsh environment of the Swiss Alps.

Athletes tested product from Nivea Men during the filming of kayaking in Switzerland. Feels test, Shampoo "Energy and Power"   convincingly demonstrated its effectiveness. With this statement, and willingly agree to a record number of buyers prefer this shampoo in 2012 - 1.179 million people!

 Nivea Men conquer the Alps

Ivan Rybnikov: "How? This question came to mind to me, and all of our company when we passed another ridge and into a narrow valley in the Swiss Alps. Like all the great generals of history textbook overcame the rocky passes of the Alps ?! The road width of one car goes through a green valley close, sometimes literally hanging on the rocks, breaking the canons of the Roman bridge, which is not one hundred years. Farms in the valleys and villages located on the slopes of both banks of the gorges, and the real ideas of how to get to the house on the opposite side, we have not appeared ...

Unfortunately, this time we drove to Switzerland for a few days, but it is worth to come back. This is one of my favorite countries, and even here the most beautiful in the world of money, like some tickets to the exhibition of contemporary art, and not on ordinary bills. "

Author: Anna Shustrova