The contest "Clean dishes every day" with the Fairy in "Home Moms"
 People say that clean dishes attracted good reviews. And from my own experience, we can say that the shiny plate - is the best cure for the blues. When every cup, plate and bowl sparkle in his heart is no room for sadness and grief. You look at this purity, and think: "Life is beautiful! ". A polish among the bowls and cups is not so difficult, especially with the emergence of hard-working helpers in the kitchen - dishwasher. This is the rare case when two "hostess" is not only perfectly coexist on the same kitchen, but also in each other soul is not fer. So - our new contest, which will be held with the support of the brand in Fairy "Home Moms."

We invite all participants of the contest "Clean dishes every day" to write about how to wash dishes and what tricks of podderzhniyu in the kitchen clean use to society clean plates please you every day!

5 winners of the "Clean dishes every day" will receive a free kit that includes:
- 1 package of new capsules Fairy Platinum All-in-One   dishwashers;
- Three types of oil for cooking;
- 1 ceramic plate.
 The contest "Clean dishes every day" with the Fairy in "Home Moms"

Market leader sredctv dishwashing liquid Fairy, who for many years helps Russian housewives easy to wash even very dirty dishes, is a real innovation - Fairy Platinum All-in-One   for dishwashers. Each capsule Fairy Platinum All-in-One   It consists of the liquid portion and the pressed powder. Owing to this structural feature, the capsule Fairy Platinum All-in-One   It contains an increased amount of liquid surfactants which provide highly efficient removal of greasy soils. The components of the powder and an exclusive system allows enzymes to handle other types of dirt and give the dishes clean and shiny. Thus, thanks to the unique formula of modern, Fairy Platinum All-in-One   not only effectively removes dirt and grease from dishes, but also helps to get rid of the fat in the filter of the dishwasher.

 The contest "Clean dishes every day" with the Fairy in "Home Moms"

Fairy Platinum   - It is the best formula in Russia, which removes grease even in the dishwasher!

All articles that meet the requirements of the contest will be published in Women's Encyclopedia

  Conditions of the competition…

Author: Anna Shustrova