"Home Moms" beats attendance records!
 October 28 social network "Country Mom", dedicated to motherhood for the first time reached the threshold of attendance of 100 thousand unique visitors a day, according to the rating @ mail.ru. We heartily congratulate our colleagues!

The "Country Mom" ​​was launched in December 2009. This event was preceded by a contest for the best name of the user social network for moms (it was there and it was suggested the name "Country Mom"). Large-scale advertising campaign on women's site of "MediaFort" attracted to the site of the first visitors.

By this time the site registered more than 400 million users, the scope of a site of 1, 6 million unique users per month; each day around a hundred thousand visitors "Home Moms" look more than a million pages. For almost 4 years of site users have published more than a million (!) Records in diaries and groups, and left tens of millions of comments.

At the moment, social network "Country Mom" ​​is in the top 5 most visited resources focused on mothers, pregnant women planning to become them.

 "Home Moms" beats attendance records!

Author: MyCharm.ru: Anna Shustrova