How to burn calories 30 000 without much effort?
 A new British study published by BBC, shows that there is a very simple way to lose weight. But, most likely, will have to change jobs. Or ask the chief to he changed your normal operation.

Researchers at the University of Chester proved that the problem of excess weight among women workers can be easily solved. They calculated that a woman working in the office to spend 12 hours a day in a sitting position. Scientists have proposed office working women change their working day, and at least 3 hours to spend on your feet. This allowed an additional 50 calories burned per hour. It is easy to calculate that in the year it will be as many as 30,000 calories.

In addition, scientists believe that the daily work standing or on the move is good for health. Prolonged sitting leads to problems with the level of glucose in the blood, greatly reduces the level of activity of the enzyme breaks down fats. All this leads to the risk of cardiovascular diseases. And, of course, weight gain.

Try at least three hours during the working day does not sit at the computer and you will get good prospects to maintain weight and health. Only one question remains: how to react to this boss.

Author: Julia Gnedina