Limited Edition Beauty elixir by Caudalie and Lauren Scott
 "Water for the Face of Beauty" Caudalie - religious means used by the film actress, stylists and model all over the world. Leather, tired of make-up and make-up, take care of this as a breath of happiness, and in the morning, and after a fun party to cheer up and to restore radiance freshness.

Actress resorted to this elixir throughout the day to reduce pores and smooth facial features. Behind the scenes of fashion shows professional makeup artists use it after a tonal basis and prior to the application of powder to fix the make-up. It is for this circle of his admirers Mathilde Thomas   decides to create a Collector's edition autographed by representatives of the world of high fashion. She invited the fashion designer Lauren Scott   create your own version of the vial. The talented American designer gladly responded to the proposal, being myself a big fan of money.

Lauren Scott worked on copyright vial in parallel with the creation of the collection autumn-winter 2013, inspired by the work of Austrian artist Gustav Klimt . The designer took over his handwriting using a mosaic of color spots and incredibly feminine silhouettes.

 Limited Edition Beauty elixir by Caudalie and Lauren Scott

Water Caudalie Beauty Faces   first appeared in 1996. The secret of this energizing serum lies in its remarkable properties. Benzoin   It heals skin myrrh   promotes regeneration, essential oils rosemary   deep clean, Melissa   - Calm, Peppermint   - It stimulates, orange blossom   - Soften and Roses   - Give an unrivaled shine. Extract of the pulp of grapes The key point Caudalie, provides skin hydration.

 Limited Edition Beauty elixir by Caudalie and Lauren Scott

Lauren Scott:   I always adored all kinds of sprays. 15 years ago, in the summer, I was in Paris, it was very hot. At the pharmacy I was advised to buy water for the beauty of the face to moisturize the skin. I was delighted with the resulting effect. Since then, I use it in the morning when I wake up, and then to fix the makeup, and then throughout the day, especially it helps me during the long working meetings! And in the journey she's always with me on the plane, it is indispensable for moisturizing the skin.

Mathilde Thomas:   And I fell in love with her long before it goes on sale. Like Lauren, I can not do without it in the morning or in the plane. In my purse is a small version of the product, but at home I was always waiting for a big bottle. I raduyu himself with water for facial beauty is not less than forty times a day!

 Limited Edition Beauty elixir by Caudalie and Lauren Scott

"Water for facial beauty issue of L'wren Scott" will be on sale runoff pharmacies and other outlets, since November 1, 2013

Estimated price:
588 rubles. (30 ml)
1774 50 rubles. (100 ml)

Author: Anna Shustrova