Sacrament of nail-design for Halloween by SPARITUAL
 Since ancient times it was believed that on the night of Halloween dark evil spirits move into living beings. And some people and all were convinced that the souls of dead relatives come to visit in their homes that night. Today, for Halloween decided to lay a festive table, light the candles in the pumpkins. All wishing adventurous and fun to spend time, dress up in original costumes.

The most common images are considered to be for Halloween witches, ghosts, werewolves, demons and cherubs. However, most of the young ladies want this holiday still fascinate and attract, not cause the universal disgust. That is why many girls huge popular image of sexy vampire, wood nymphs or mysterious witch. It is worth recalling that, wishing to make a lasting impression on your friends and people around them, to any chosen by you in the night image should be to find the right makeup, hair, accessories and, of course, a manicure.

Company experts SPARITUAL   are a collection of nail polishes Wilde Six saturated, bright colors which are ideal for nail-design, timed to coincide with the holiday Halloween.

 Sacrament of nail-design for Halloween by SPARITUAL

Volume: 15 ml
The recommended retail price - 900 rubles

Author: Anna Shustrova