Unusual innovation: Cockroaches in cosmetics
 Los Angeles Times reports that the ordinary cockroaches, meeting with them in the kitchen so unpleasant, cosmetic companies are used for the production of cosmetic products!

It turns out that the cockroach is a source of cheap protein. But not every insect is suitable for cosmetics, but only a certain breed - Periplaneta Americana. This American cockroach, reddish-brown color, and up to about 1 and 6 cm in length.

Well, what a cockroach has nothing to do with those that sometimes live in our kitchens. And by the way, in the United States and China, the breeding of cockroaches for industrial purposes - quite a profitable business, there are entire cockroach farm. One such farm brings in a year its owner $ 10 000. This writes the Los Angeles Times. And cockroaches are available for a cosmetics company for production.

But do not be afraid to see a cockroach in his cream. FDA (US Federal Agency for medicines and cosmetics) in 2011 mandated that manufacturers must mark on the labels of their products if used in the production of cockroaches.

Author: MyCharm.ru: Julia Gnedina