Exhibition of crafts and art, "Craft Bazaar"
 Date: 8 - 13 October, 11:00 - 20:00
Types of work: Different types of art
City: Saint-Petersburg
Venue: Exhibition Center of the Union of Artists
Organizer: "Antares Expo"
Contact organizer: www. craftbazar.ru
Tel .: +7 (903) 099 4990

"Craft Bazaar" - handcraft and creativity

International Trade Fair for crafts and creativity, "Craft Bazaar" will be held 8 - 13 October 2013 at the Exhibition Center of the St. Petersburg Union of Artists. Throughout the world, are very popular exhibition Craft Bazaar and this fact attracts more and more exhibitors and visitors from abroad. For the first time in Russia, St. Petersburg, and in the exhibition "Craft Bazaar" held a master class of world-class designer from Japan:

Weave Bead Necklace - Nosy Sonoko

Exquisitely beautiful ornaments Sonoko Nosy cover all the subtlety and grace of the Japanese school of beading. Her work attracted to creativity, both novices and experienced craftsmen of beads. The master class, you Sonoko Nosy learn the secrets and techniques of stitches, unique methods of working with beads that you can use in their creative endeavors.

 Exhibition of crafts and art, "Craft Bazaar"

All workshop participants will receive a certificate.

We invite you to visit the exhibition all who are interested in creative leisure. Visit the event will allow you to:

• broaden their horizons and their understanding of contemporary artistic and crafts;

• learn about the masters, who live and work in the region, see and buy their work;

• gain knowledge about the latest materials and tools for art and crafts;

• master the basics of various creative techniques: embroidery ribbons, decoupage, glass painting, fabric painting, scrapbooking, quilling, making jewelry from polymer clay, etc .;

• take part in workshops on creative techniques and crafts;

• to find the best shops of the city, where they sell materials and tools for art and crafts;

• buy the materials and tools at the best prices.

At the exhibition you will see products and materials for crafts - sets for embroidery and cross stitch, patchwork fabrics, textured paper for scrapbooking, master classes on felting and decoupage. Wizard will open the secrets of textile dolls and toys, soap making and realistic bouquets of plastic.

 Exhibition of crafts and art, "Craft Bazaar"
  Exhibition of crafts and art, "Craft Bazaar"

The exhibition "Craft Bazaar" offers interesting events, meetings and workshops, charity event "Two mittens."

"Craft Bazaar" and "The Museum mittens" invites citizens to bring an exhibition of knitted mittens. Paired gloves will be donated to orphanages in St. Petersburg. Give warmth and care to children in need - bring the exhibition knitted mittens.

For each pair of warm mittens free pass to the exhibition!

(Contact the organizers of Shares: http://craftbazar.ru; craftbazar@yandex.ru; http://vk.com/club30822066
www.muzey-varezhki.rf; http://vk.com/id207778458)

In order to plan your time and see all the fun use the program of activities and workshops on our site!

 Exhibition of crafts and art, "Craft Bazaar"
  Exhibition of crafts and art, "Craft Bazaar"

Thematic sections:

Batik; Beading; Felt; Embroidery needle; Embroidery ribbons; Knitting and crochet; Pottery; Decorative plastic; Decoupage; Quilling; Ceramics; Lace; Quilting; Lampwork; Origami; Painting on wood, glass, fabric; Scrapbooking; Flora; Materials for art and crafts; Art materials and products for artists, designers and architects. Master classes.

 Exhibition of crafts and art, "Craft Bazaar"

Opening hours:
October 8 12.00-20.00
9 October 11.00-20.00
10 October 11.00-20.00
11 October 11.00-20.00
12 October 11.00-20.00
13 October 11.00-19.00

Location:   St. Petersburg Union of Artists Exhibition Center
Str. Bolshaya Morskaya, 38 (metro "Admiralty")

Do you want to join us as a member?   Please send us an email with the application for email craftbazar@yandex.ru.

If you have questions:   we will be happy to answer them by phone: +7 (903) 099 4990.

Author: MyCharm.ru: Anna Shustrova