"Helping Hand": the company ORLY against breast cancer
 One in ten women in the world has to face the risk of breast cancer. Information about the need for prevention of this disease has a great importance, because the number of women dying from the disease is enormous.

As a member of an international program dedicated to the issue of breast cancer, the company ORLY   every year contributes to its support. By October, which is the month of the fight against this disease, nail industry leader releases an updated collection Pretty in Pink . 20% of the profits from the sale of the series will be directed to the World Charitable Foundation to inform about the methods of diagnosis and treatment of female cancers.

Three shades of pink with large sequins, called "You are not alone" . "Fight"   and "Your Pink World" It calls upon you to support those who are faced with breast cancer and asks patients not to lose hope of recovery.

 "Helping Hand": the company ORLY against breast cancer

Join the ranks of members of this movement together with its customers and collection Pretty in Pink   from ORLY !

In the Russian market is represented by a collection of "ParkByutiRus."

Author: MyCharm.ru: Anna Shustrova