Mitten Mitten + action = "Two mittens"
 Action "One mitten" was implemented in autumn 2012 as an art installation at the exhibition "Craft Bazaar". The author of the idea of ​​"One mitten" Olga Lakhina told about the history of the birth of the performance: "Some time ago I started collecting mittens from around the world, it is associated with the traditional manual for one country or another ornament. I'm also bringing gloves from Iceland, Argentina, Finland, Estonia. It was so beautiful and interesting that I wanted to turn his passion into a large popular installation. Even the words themselves, listen - "mitten", "Mitten" - sounded at home and return to parts of the memory, where these mittens darning our mothers and grandmothers. Maybe that's why we did not throw unmatched mittens, and for something to keep them? Perhaps it is for this art project? "

The exhibition organizers have decided to continue to share the collection of knitted mittens and gloves convey warm in need of warmth and caring kids.

 Mitten Mitten + action = "Two mittens"

Thus was born the project - "Two mittens"

Children always need gloves - firstly, they are often lost, and, secondly, domestic related hand with love mittens - a priceless gift for the baby, calling him a special feeling of goodness and warmth, rather than state-owned the same type and the same mittens. It - orphans also have to have things that are unique, warmed by the heat of creative crafts and caring people.

Mittens more efficiently store heat hands because his fingers are combined. In an effort to help children united "Museum Mitten" and organizers of the exhibition of needlework and creativity "Craft Bazaar".

 Mitten Mitten + action = "Two mittens"

The author of the idea of ​​"Museum mittens" Rumyantsev Oksana: "Museum mittens" - it is a museum, which holds more than 600 exhibits on the theme of mittens. But it is also the first St. Petersburg charity project, which purpose - during the year to collect warm clothing, mittens, sock for abandoned children. Together with the volunteers Foundation "Time to help the" Museum only last year handed warm clothes for the sum of 448,609 rubles. And they themselves fees mittens and socks go every winter for the past 7 years.

We therefore enthusiastically supported the campaign "Two mittens" organizers of the exhibition of needlework and creativity "Craft Bazaar" collection of gloves at the exhibition. This is really important and necessary care for children especially from remote orphanages. "

The result of the joint project "Two mittens" exhibition of needlework and creativity "Craft Bazaar" from 8 to 13 October   mittens will collect and disseminate information about the problem that will warm more than 1,000 children and draw people's attention to children's issues.

 Mitten Mitten + action = "Two mittens"

"Craft Bazaar" and "The Museum mittens" invites citizens to bring an exhibition of knitted mittens. Paired gloves will be donated to orphanages in St. Petersburg.

Give warmth and care to children in need - bring the exhibition knitted mittens.

For each pair of warm mittens free pass to the exhibition!
The campaign will be held from 8 to 13 October at the Exhibition Center of the Union of Artists (Bolshaya Morskaya, 38).

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Author: Anna Shustrova