Drip dry to polish Andale on SpaRitual
 Life in the modern rhythm requires minimal time costs and maximize results. For those who know the value of your time, the company's specialists offer universal SPARITUAL dropping drying nail Andale.

Easy and convenient to use it to cope with two challenges: Lacquer dries and takes care of the cuticle. Droplets per second easily distributed uniformly over the entire surface of the nail. They protect the paint and reduce the time it dried up to a few minutes.

The structure of the droplet drying Andale   It includes natural silicone - dimethicone, which creates an ideal external protection varnish. Rice bran oil and carrot seed oil gently care for the cuticle, moisturizing and nourishing it.

 Drip dry to polish Andale on SpaRitual

The composition of the drugs included SPARITUAL not less than 70% of the organic components of plant origin , Which guarantees an international certificate ECOCERT. Therefore, the use Andale safe even for sensitive skin.

Volume: 15 ml.
The recommended price - 1370 rubles.

Author: MyCharm.ru: Anna Shustrova