Lena Lenin summer manicure
 There was a time for vacations and holidays, and women should think about practical and lasting manicure that will last as long as last journey and come to any color summer dress. At breakfast in Moscow on Nikitsky Bristol we asked about summer trends in manicure Queen manicure, writer and owner of the largest network in Europe, manicure - Manicure Network Studios Lena Lenina.

- Lena, how to choose a manicure, so you can easily pick him colorful holiday dresses, and not overlap with lacquer color on a trip every morning?

- This summer in fashion dazzling white lacquer, it will look great with white accessories, handbags, slippers, sunglasses, and most importantly, white color - it's not quite the color, so it is perfectly combined with any color clothing. Remember only that the practical and fashionable nail length today - moderate, and the shape of the nail - Oval. Although the secular presentation, I sometimes choose themselves long and sharp as a stiletto nails. Very cool and even dangerous for the bullies. In summer, the fashion and the two-tone jacket with cheerful bright colors. For example, the main bright yellow paint and blue stripe tunic. However, this manicure is better to choose a costume that requires daily effort.

- And what color nail polish like the men on the beach?

- I would recommend the royal coral manicure. It's sexy, and so like men, and summer-fresh, that will look good on the background of turquoise sea. In fashion and natural colors with nautical theme - from bright blue crystal clear aquamarine ocean waves to purple. This season, the fashion and extravagant metallic shades, they are, by the way, especially dazzling gold and silver, also perfectly be combined with any color dress or a swimsuit.

- What's new in the summer trends?

- New was well forgotten old - paints with glitter, transparent or pearl. They perfectly decorate any gentle natural manicure. And also very new, I would call "caviar" and "Velour" manicures, where the nail plate to the uncured another nail put halves of tiny black beads in a mess similar to eggs or sprinkled special coarsely powder to the surface of the nail was like velvet, and not as smooth as normal.

- And do you prefer?

- In cold weather, I really love the classic red, but in the summer chose a natural manicure pink-beige and flesh color, it is perfectly combined with red and pink clothes, and it is my favorite summer colors and beautiful visual Extend your fingers that in the subconscious of men associated with puberty, which means sex appeal girl. In summer, all women want to be attractive and zhelannymiJ

- Finally, your pedicure tips!

- Pedicure summer have to be perfect. Grains of sand on a beach damaging the varnish, so I recommend all summer to make more resistant gel coat or shellac, as for the color, but this year, fortunately, it is not necessary to choose the same color for a manicure and pedicure. I for example, has chosen the summer rose red pedicure, this looks great in sandals. The main thing is to go more often to the professional master.

 Lena Lenin summer manicure

Author: MyCharm.ru: Anna Shustrova