The contest "Easy Life" with Jacobs Monarch Millicano and cookies "Jubilee"
 "Relations" with the homework of many was not easy. But in general, very similar to the content of the cartoon "Oh and Ah." Some sigh and complain incessantly, to other too hard, but they find ways and methods to facilitate routine duties and to the fullest possible use of innovative techniques and modern approach to life, which tends to simplify and reduce all kinds of time and effort in the daily duties.

Take part in our new contest about how to make life easier, and win wonderful gifts - Coffee Jacobs Monarch Millicano and cookies "Jubilee!"

5 winners of the creative contest will receive a gift from our sponsor 2 cans (95 grams each) news Jacobs Monarch Millicano and 2 packets of biscuits "Jubilee" .

Jacobs Monarch Millicano   - A completely new category in the coffee market - coffee "in a soluble powder." It combines a deep taste and rich aroma of freshly brewed coffee and convenience of instant cooking. Thanks to a special manufacturing technology, each soluble granule Jacobs Monarch Millicano contains solid particles of ultrafine grinding roasted beans, which clearly reveal the nature of the coffee beans in every cup.

The emergence of a new generation of coffee Jacobs Monarch Millicano   It became the hottest news for fans of the drink worldwide. The unique combination of rich flavor and delicate aroma of ground coffee and instant speed cooking has transformed the future of this product in the current European trend, which appreciated real coffee drinkers

 The contest "Easy Life" with Jacobs Monarch Millicano and cookies "Jubilee"

This year Cookies "Jubilee"   It marks a very important date. Beloved Russian brand celebrates 100 years! With the birth of the brand "Jubilee"   I passed an entire historical epoch, and all this time the famous brand has evolved and changed together with the whole country. First created for the 300th anniversary of the Romanov Imperial House in 1913, today "Jubilee"   - Modern and contemporary brand with an amazing history, full of discovery, change and happy moments.

Cookies "Jubilee"   uniquely combines innovation and naturalness, the traditional heritage of the brand. Through selective natural ingredients gives each cookie is a piece of nature. The broad lineup includes more than 17 types of cookies - is a kaleidoscope of flavors, which is constantly updated with new products. That is why   "Jubilee"   so fond of Russian consumers of all ages!

 The contest "Easy Life" with Jacobs Monarch Millicano and cookies "Jubilee"

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Author: Anna Shustrova