Aroma Place Rouge by Guerlain in honor of the 120th anniversary of GUM
 In 1893, GUM decorated the famous Red Square, Moscow became a true symbol of fashion and luxury. His innovative majestic building built after the architectural competition, is still one of a kind, causing widespread admiration in the first place, its skylight.

In 2013, in honor of the 120th anniversary of the GUM department store, Guerlain House is celebrating a unique creation, which merged tradition and audacity, history and modernity. The new fragrance Place Rouge Certainly honors the tradition of the great perfume house Guerlain. He - like perfume picture-like spirits landscape, this poem subtly orchestrated notes sonata.

Red Square for Russia - a symbolic place, the most visited, literally breathing history. It is said that Russia originates from Red Square, where the gum - one of the main attractions. Aroma Place Rouge   if talks about this area - the red walls of the Kremlin, St. Basil's Cathedral fabulous classical facade of GUM and its fresh, slightly powdery and amber chords by perfumer of Guerlain Thierry Vasseur (Thierry Wasser) , Admiring the beauty of the heart of Moscow.

"My first recollection of the Red Square refers to 1977, when I was fifteen years old,   - Thierry Wasser remembers about his main impression from Russia - I came to Russia with my mother, and she wanted to see it GUM. We were in a grand space, which sold hundreds of boxes of perfume. They were elegantly decorated with watercolor violets, irises and pale pink carnations. As soon as I left the majestic building, I felt that my clothes are soaked with these flavors. When I was asked to create a fragrance called Place Rouge (Red Square) in honor of the anniversary of GUM, in my mind immediately surfaced this scene where I'm standing with his mother in the midst of a vast area of ​​the old and cherished squeeze bottle of perfume in the hands of ... "

For fragrance Perfume married the most refined and feminine flowers - jasmine, violet   and heliotrope   with vigorous bergamot, orange blossom   and rosemary . His plume laced with sensuality patchouli   and white musk . Eau de parfum - a real fairy tale. This olfactory creation has remarkable power. To describe the landscape seen, need a thousand words, but the artist knows the art of the perfumer, to conjure up a picture of aroma with a strong idea and sophisticated details. Jasmine gets a wave of emotions, passion turns to violet, patchouli carried away to the stars ... the smell becomes image.

 Aroma Place Rouge by Guerlain in honor of the 120th anniversary of GUM

Wonderful fairy tale needs a special bottle. Not surprisingly, Place Rouge   It appears in the legendary bottle "L'Abeille", which this year also celebrates its 160th anniversary. Bottle itself - it is fantastic, but the real story in which the princess marries the emperor. In 1853 Pierre-François-Pascal Guerlain (Pierre-François-PascalGuerlain) , Admiring the beauty, elegance, intelligence and culture of Eugene, as a wedding gift created for her "Eaude Cologne Imperiale" in a spectacular crystal bottle. Adorned with 69 prominent gilded bees - a symbol of the Empire, he recalls the emblem of the imperial family. Golden finish, like a cell - is not only a technical achievement, but the embodiment of a particular world of luxury, style and refinement.
Enchanted creature so exquisite, the Empress granted to Pierre-François-Pascal Guerlain title of "official perfumer" Her Imperial Majesty - the highest title for a supplier of the yard. The brilliant reputation outside France allowed Guerlain to become the official supplier of the luxurious courts of Europe (Spain, Belgium, Russia, England ...). Since then, the bee became a symbol of Guerlain, passed down from generation to generation.

Wonderful gourmet bottle with a label with gold lettering, on which are engraved the outlines of the famous GUM building, elegant and exquisitely decorated with a rosette of red moire ribbon (GUM legendary color!), Fastened with gilded medallion engraved Guerlain.

The aroma is released in a limited edition of numbered bottles in honor of the 120th anniversary of GUM.

The fragrance will be available from September 25 exclusively in Articoli GUM.

Price: 15 000 rubles. Bottle: 100 ml.

Author: Anna Shustrova