Kate Middleton has made a bold move, show to the public immediately after birth
 To this day, the journalists of the world to discuss the emergence of Kate and William with a newborn the day after his birth. All Kate compared with other celebrities, and even Princess Diana, who also appeared before the cameras almost immediately after birth. It turns out that Kate can be a real heroine of the current generation of pregnant women.

The fact that so far none of the celebrities who gave birth just did not dare show his post-Babe tummy. Kate left the hospital almost as big belly, which was during pregnancy. And not ashamed to show it! Given the fact that the figure of the Duchess considered almost under the microscope, it was logical to assume that Kate will cover your belly and baby diapers. But she bravely showed the world looks like a woman after childbirth really.

 Kate Middleton has made a bold move, show to the public immediately after birth

After all, during labor lost not all of the accumulated weight. The woman remains more fluid, which extend for several days after the child's birth. In addition, the uterus is reduced in size at once. This is the result of post-natal abdomen.

So, Kate showed courage and did not hide his true shape. Leading British journalists wrote that "she made a real royal act, extending a helping hand to all pregnant women in the world and destroying the main taboo pregnancies among celebrities - post-abdomen, Babe."

Indeed, before his stomach after childbirth hide Beyonce, Gisele Bundchen, Miranda Kerr, and even forerunner Kate - Princess Diana. They all appeared before the cameras a day after birth, but did not dare to discover all the features of the figure.

Author: MyCharm.ru: Julia Gnedina