New from dr.brandt: CC-cream with a matte effect
 Women with oily, combination skin, prone to rashes and excessive shine, got a miracle cure for Dr. Frederic Brandt.

What is the SS-cream?

This is a new cosmetic trend. Rasshifrovyvaetsyakak Complete Correction Cream or Color Control.

SS-cream is a low-fat, light, matting cream, does not contain perfumes, parabens, oils -Improved version of the BB cream for oily skin!

SS-cream dr.Brandta:

* There has kamedogennym action.
* Gives a powdery effect.
* Is an excellent tool to align the tone, skin texture.
* Excellent masks redness, inflammation and pigmentation of the rash!
* Masks enlarged pores and acne scars!
* It looks on the skin naturally, without the effect of make-up!
* Matting the skin throughout the day!
* Controls kozhnogosebuma education.
* Protects against UV radiation.
* Deeply moisturizes the skin.
* Controls melanin production, preventing the appearance of pigmentation.
* You can mix with your favorite cream dr.brandt, to enhance the function of skin care.
* An ideal base for make-up!

 New from dr.brandt: CC-cream with a matte effect

How to use:

Shake well before use. Apply a small amount of cream evenly distributed there. If you wish to achieve a deeper and more intense tone masking effect, after drying the first layer of cream may be applied to another 1 or 2 layers of cream (each subsequent layer is applied after drying the previous one).

The product is presented in TSUM, Articoli Spring and network Ile de Beaute.
Estimated price: 2400 rub. (30g)

SS-cream is ideally combined with Moisturizers with ruby ​​and retinol line GLOW . Mix the two products in suitable proportions for you to obtain the desired consistency and taste. Ability ruby ​​crystals reflect light and absorb the excess skin sebum give the skin a healthy glow. The result - a smooth well-groomed complexion effect complete makeup.

 New from dr.brandt: CC-cream with a matte effect

Author: Anna Shustrova