"The Best by July" on Diets.ru
 "Summer, ah summer, summer starry loudest sing
Summer, ah summer, summer starry be with me ... "
I. Resnick
Smile, catch a sunbeam, running barefoot through the puddles of warm, summer rain ... Because life, she is beautiful!

Winners of the month, according to its results, will be presented:

Multivarka HD3037   from Philips With a uniform distribution of heat technology 3D.

 "The Best by July" on Diets.ru

* 22 temperature and 12 functions for cooking recipes of varying complexity, and provide an amazing variety of homemade dishes, allowing to cook even yogurt. Multivarka equipped with a CPU, a convenient control panel, programmable delayed start, automatic heating, removable valve for the steam and the outer casing of stainless steel. The uniform heat distribution over the 3D technology and thickened inner bowl guarantees exceptional taste of your favorite dishes. This multifunctional assistant not only fits into any interior, but also greatly facilitate the process of cooking and allow to surprise family and friends with new culinary discoveries every day.

Blender Philips HR1660   from Philips   Avance from the collection with innovative technology ProMix for a thorough and rapid grinding even the most sophisticated ingredients and the preparation of homogeneous mixtures.

 "The Best by July" on Diets.ru

* ProMix - a combination of a unique form of blendernoy nozzles and a specially designed knife that makes the most efficient and fast to process a variety of ingredients - regardless of their type.

Kettle HD4677 from Philips   from the collection of Viva, with two-way display, which allows you to determine exactly how many cups in the water is heated, removable filter double descaling.

 "The Best by July" on Diets.ru

* Maker is equipped with stylish neon display, wireless stand with 360 ° rotation for ease of use, a beep notification boiling water and ergonomic design.

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Author: MyCharm.ru: Anna Shustrova