Bake cake for Easter!
 On the eve of the Easter holiday light each family there is a fair question, "Oven own cakes or purchase in a store? "Of course, in the shop are a huge variety of ready-made cakes, but, you see, always delicious homemade.

Each hostess their cake recipe, but there are some "classic" version:
• 1 liter of milk
• 25 g of dry yeast (or 100 g wet yeast)
• 2-2.5 kg of flour
• 10 eggs
• 350 g of butter or margarine
• 500 g of sugar
• 500 grams of raisins
• tablespoon vanilla sugar

Of this number of turns 5-6 medium sized cakes and a few small ones. Just to not only please their households. But to make a gift to friends and colleagues.

Based on the classic recipe, you can come up with different options: cake cheese, almonds, dried apricots, lemon and so on. All of this, of course, very tempting, but in the modern pace of life, many just a question of time and the "fuss", after the preparation of dough for cakes requires attention and diligence. Yes yeast dough itself can always be "capricious": it does not "fit" the "perestoit" and then in the oven during baking shall fade. And to provide the "whims" not always in our power: the yeast dough as "subtle" matter that his behavior depends on such factors beyond the control of us, as the weather or the mood of baking.

That is why many housewives, weighing all the "pros" and "cons", with a sigh of regret opting purchased cake. But in fact, solve the problem of home baking cakes with minimal time and effort, so even with a guaranteed successful results possible. The answer is simple: use the bread machine! And do not rely on the name of "bread maker", the oven it is possible not only bread but also cakes, desserts, a variety of muffins, you name it - it would wish!

For the preparation of cakes, for example, the new model is perfect from the bread maker companies Scarlett IS-525. It not only provides all the necessary cooking modes and features: 16 different cooking modes, the size of a loaf of 3, 3 degrees of roasting brown, but there are dispenser of raisins, nuts and dried fruits.

Have dispenser greatly simplifies the process of baking: the right time additional ingredients (for the cake is the raisins and candied fruits) are automatically added to the dough. Automatic operation of the dispenser eliminates the need to add additional ingredients manually.

Bread IS-525 is good, evenly baked through the dough, leaving a slightly crispy crust, but very tender and tasty. This is very difficult to achieve in a conventional oven.

 Bake cake for Easter!

Thus, the cake baked in bread maker Scarlett IS-525 turns into only a few burdensome procedures: download the ingredients, set the desired mode and decorate the finished cake icing and colored sugar granules. Note that the order of addition of ingredients fall important when using the bread machine. You can access it in the instructions for your model. For Model 525 Scarlett IS-this order is the following: first, pour the liquid, then add the butter, sugar, salt, then flour and other additives, and at the end of the yeast. All ingredients should be at room temperature for optimal growth of yeast. To accurately measure the amount of ingredients, as even a slight deviation from the quantity specified in the recipe may affect the baking results. These are the basic principles of the baking of bakery products in the bread machine.

The company offers a wide range of Scarlett Bread various functional and design, so everyone can choose the most suitable model and every day to enjoy a tasty useful bread, scones and desserts.

Bon Appetit!

Author: Anna Shustrova