The contest "Healthy and beautiful hair: the path to the ideal of" from Head & Shoulders
 Beautiful hair - the dream of every person regardless of sex and age. But in order to feel comfortable and confident, stylish hairstyle is not enough. Hair must be healthy, and this will help you the secrets of care that we offer to share as part of our new competition with prizes from Head & Shoulders!

Social network "Home Moms" in conjunction with the brand Head & Shoulders and Women's encyclopedia announces a competition of articles on the topic of healthy and beautiful hair care. Write an article about any aspect of care or result (stylish haircuts, styling, and so on. D.) And win the novelty of Head & Shoulders.

5 winners will receive a free kit, which will include shampoo Head & Shoulders ¬ęSoothing Care" and branded flash drive 4GB .

 The contest "Healthy and beautiful hair: the path to the ideal of" from Head & Shoulders

The new shampoo Head & Shoulders ¬ęSoothing Care" was developed based on modern molecular techniques. It contains a formula ActiZinc with the active ingredient to combat the fungus Malassezia globosa - zinc pyrithione - as well as eucalyptus extract, known for its antiseptic and soothing properties. Noticeable relief comes already during shampooing, and with regular use of the product to normal cell exfoliation process, restores the natural balance and barrier function of the scalp. As a result, itching disappeared and persists up to 100% of dandruff.

Shampoo Head & Shoulders ¬ęSoothing Care" includes a special combination of cleaning and care components, thus cleans the hair thoroughly, but gently, not "overload" them and gives them a light fresh scent. The result - beautiful hair without dandruff, no irritating itching and constant self-confidence!

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Author: Marina Tumovskaya