What is BB-tea
 Of course, you know that there are BB creams? In addition, there were the SS-cream, and soon expected DD-creams. But here is another novelty with the familiar abbreviation - BB-tea.

BB-tea - a detox drink. It works on health and glowing skin is not worse than the "balm of beauty", as they call the BB cream. Just do it from the inside.

Created especially for working women who need exceptional cleansing after office everyday life.

BB-tea is a blend of green tea, vitamin A and C extracted from a dandelion. As a part of and alpha-acid hydrate of tea rooibos and mate - to moisturize, improve immunity and removes toxins from the skin.

Beverage makers are advised to take it 5 times a day for maximum benefit to the skin. By the way, the authors of this tea - a native of Russia, he created the brand Kusmi, which is already 145 years old, it was founded in tsarist Russia, and later emigrated to Paris.

 What is BB-tea

Listen, who hinder us drink five cups a mixture of red and green tea a day, and call it a fashionable BB-tea! Why wait until the novelty will appear in Russia?

Author: MyCharm.ru: Julia Gnedina