April 13 the exhibition "Home appliances" will be held Food Fashion Day!
 April 13, 2013 at the "Household Appliances" on the company Hansa channel "Food" will introduce the concept of Food Fashion Day. Throughout the day, a well-known chef, Rustam Tangirov, permanent leading TV channel "Food", will prepare gourmet meals. As a first-class master Tangirov works with the nuances and shades. He was not satisfied with just Olivier on a plate with mushrooms or potatoes. From the most simple, everyday dishes, he is able to create masterpieces. What distinguishes the work of the master, when the addition of several parts completely changes the experience. But that day Rustam Tangirov pampers visitors haute cuisine.

On the menu:

12.30 soufflé chicken farm in savoy cabbage with cream of gorgonzola and roasted beets

13.00 Welcome. Light salted salmon on potato pancakes with creamy mustard cream

13.30 Steam pork belly with stewed onions, fried potatoes and honey-mustard cream

14.00 Young beef

14.30 Welcome. Rolls of beef with a sauce of bluefin tuna

15.30 Ladoga perch on beet risotto with pear and onion sauce

16.00 Scallop on celery puree with roasted pumpkin and lime Espuma

16.30 Pumpkin cappuccino mousse of foie gras

17.00 Welcome. Goat cheese fried breaded pistachio with apple chutney

Free registration for the exhibition "Home appliances" Online www.cep-expo.ru

Author: MyCharm.ru: Anna Shustrova