Beauty and youth in light phototherapy
 On February 14 in Moscow hosted a scientific-practical conference "The polarized light: the mechanisms of therapeutic effects and prospects of application." Experience of the practical use of phototherapy in different areas of medicine shared by leading domestic experts.

Polarized light provides a comprehensive positive impact on the human body. In this way it helps to eliminate as a variety of health problems, and various cosmetic defects, which is the basis for its active use in aesthetic medicine.

The results of the use of light and color therapy in dermatology and cosmetology conference participants familiarized Lazarenko NN , Head of the department of physical methods of treatment of the Russian Peoples' Friendship University. In its report, it reported successful applications of phototherapy for addressing the most pressing women's cosmetic problems such as skin aging, wrinkles, oily seborrhea, increased sebum secretion, enlarged pores, blackheads, acne, marks left after acne and cellulite and keloid scars .

Exposure to light, if necessary reinforced by color therapy, which, among other things, has a positive effect on the emotional state.   So, green helps get rid of stress, energizes the red, blue and blue calm.

It was also shown that light and color therapy increases the effectiveness of any cosmetic products and help to restore the skin after peeling and mesotherapy .

"Our results suggest that phototherapy devices BIOPTRON fits in well with the overall concept of preventive medicine and helps to preserve the beauty and health of people of all ages" - Said Lazarenko NN
 Beauty and youth in light phototherapy

BIOPTRON Light Therapy devices   emit polarized polychromatic light is a low energy, which contains a small portion of the visible and infrared spectrum without potentially harmful UV radiation. Kit extends the application of color therapy BIOPTRON Light Therapy. Light and color therapy can be used in hospitals and at home .

Studies have shown that light therapy with polarized light is one of the most promising tools of modern aesthetic medicine, the scope of which is constantly expanding. The method effectively helps reduce the signs of aging of the skin, allowing the woman to preserve the beauty at any age, while he acts carefully and well compatible with most of the tools and techniques that are currently used in dermatology and cosmetology.

Author: Anna Shustrova