Botox for beauty eyelashes ...
 Botox - known means of skin tightening and removing fine lines, with instant results. Additional bonuses, which are given this drug, no less significant for us. This struggle with migraines, and getting rid of excessive sweating ... And here is another interesting addition - Botox can take care of the beauty of your eyelashes.

Botox, or botulinum toxin, is a natural protein. And it is possible not only to enter deeply into the skin by injection, but also as a surfactant to apply any serum or cream. This is done to treat the eyelashes. For this drug Botox is applied to the lashes as the mascara. The purpose of the procedure - to activate the growth of eyelashes.

The idea has embodied. For example, the product Latisse (by Allergan) is produced to treat gipotrihozisa (so scary term called thin eyelashes), and the creation of long, thick and darker eyelashes. In its structure as we know it contains anti-age drug, Botox.

Now Latisse is only sold in the US, Canada and India. But it is in the process of licensing in the UK and other European countries.

Author: Julia Gnedina