Dercos shampoo for dandruff for sensitive scalps
 45% of people experiencing the discomfort of dandruff, also suffer from itching and irritation of the scalp. Knowing this, VICHY Laboratories have developed a new product - dandruff shampoo with innovative formula Dercos Technique based bezsulfatnoy technology.

New Shampoo Dercos anti-dandruff for sensitive scalps   It solves two problems at once:

- Irritation and itching;

- Dandruff.

The new formula Laboratories VICHY based washing base without sulfates:

* Piroctone olamin   - Blocking the reproduction of the fungus;

* Bisabolol   - Soothes and heals the dermis;

* Filling active molecules   - Improve the surface of the hair.

The tool eliminates dandruff after the first application! And prevents dandruff for 6 weeks.

Ultra-soft formula without parabens and sulfates calms the scalp.

Hair acquire softness and shine.

 Dercos shampoo for dandruff for sensitive scalps

The shampoo has a pleasant fresh scent and transparent texture.

The average price at the pharmacy: 523 rubles.

Author: Anna Shustrova