In memory of Margaret Thatcher - style icon The publication says that the lessons of beauty and style of Margaret Thatcher are relevant today more than ever it was. And the death of Baroness Thatcher made a selection of her best-known sayings of the style.

In 1979, in an interview with Sun Margaret Thatcher expressed as follows: "This is nonsense, when it is considered that a smart woman can not be beautiful. There is no connection between the brain and beauty. Most women are much smarter than they think about others. "

Former British Prime Minister strictly monitor their weight. Journalists are often interested in these. And that's what the answer is: "I just try to eat a little. For breakfast, I eat nothing but coffee with milk. But I love sweets and I find it hard to stop at one. Though it is better not to eat them at all, because they are deposited on the hips. "

Beauty Ritual from Thatcher as simple, no frills. "I never use the skin soap and water, but in my family it was decided to keep the soap in the bathroom. It is used for facial cleanser to remove make-up, and after - a moisturizer. "

As for the makeup, the Thatcher never wore nail polish, but knew how to use bright red lipstick. "The lips of Marilyn Monroe and the eyes of Caligula" - so said about the way Thatcher late French President Francois Mitterrand.

The greatest legacy of beauty can be called Margaret, of course, hair. This is the most recognizable part of her image. In a recent survey hairstyle Margaret Thatcher entered the top five most iconic hairstyles of the past 50 years. It is known that the very Prime Minister also kind to the installation. If any foreign trip she asked the British ambassador in advance to recruit the best to visit a local barber who used to maintain termobigudi reception and volume hairstyle. no mention of the famous costumes Thatcher. But this is also a very important part of her image. She knew how to wear bright, yet modest things. Local color on it looked anything but boring.

Author: Julia Gnedina