New Mascara So Intense by Sisley
 Mascara density and strengthen the lashes on the basis of unique, innovative formula increases the natural length and thickness of lashes in just 4 weeks.

1. The formula, which provides care to create a long and strong eyelashes, like movie stars ...

For the first time, scientists have used the new Sisley active ingredient which helps to achieve outstanding results: Vitamin-peptide complex , Which includes the tripeptide (peptide consisting of 3 amino acids) and vitamin H or biotin, is widely used in remedies for hair loss on the lashes exerts a double effect:

1. It stimulates the growth of keratinocytes at the roots of the eyelashes, resulting in a marked increase in their length and thickness;

2. Strengthens the hair follicle in the dermis to prevent loss of eyelashes when removing makeup. The result - healthy, stronger and more voluminous lashes, less loss.

... And a cocktail of active ingredients caring for the beauty and power protection

Firstly, protection eyelashes

To increase the stamina of the formula includes nutritional components and safety, including castor oil, beauty eyelashes and imparts smoothness, and pro-Vitamin B5 (D-panthenol), imparting a silky eyelashes elasticity.

Second, the strengthening of eyelashes

As part of the formula fitotseramidy rice, vegetable analogues of ceramide skin envelop the lashes, improving its structure and increasing stamina.

 New Mascara So Intense by Sisley

2. Components, give your lashes volume and rich color

Film-forming polymers   (e.g., gum stock) form an elastic, smooth protective film enveloping eyelash volume for more intensive and care.

Reinforcement polymers   provide a record of pigments and allow you to control the texture when dry ink.

Carnauba wax   (envelops the lashes from root to tip), and silica microspheres enhance the result.

The color becomes "thicker"

Double coating based on amino acids ensures good fixation of pigments and color saturation.

The patented brush-comb high tech

This innovation, brush mascara So Intense has the shape of a comb, captures the roots of the lashes to achieve infinite length and perfect curve.

The optimal arrangement allows the hair to evenly distribute mascara - superobema effect.

Enveloping, perfect separation, luxurious length.

So Intense Mascara presented in 3 shades:

1. deep black (black)
2. deep brown (dark brown)
3. deep blue (dark blue).

On sale from March 1, 2013.

Author: Anna Shustrova