The Blitz-Contest "Melody of Love" on
 Love and music - a magical duo. For some, the music was real love, and for someone to love into a melody of heart and soul.

What is it, your melody of love: maybe it is the favorite bird trills, or whispers a summer rain, and can quietly singing the second half ... Tell us in the comments to this entry from April 10 to 23 April 2013 inclusive, of your love music, about her appearance in your life and win wonderful prizes.

The first prize will determine the user voting - that is, it takes the author of the comment, which received the most votes.

The second prize will determine the choice of the administration

The third prize will be determined by selection of the representatives of the sponsor of the contest SAV Entertainment

The winners of this contest will receive a gift of two tickets to a concert of romantic ballad king, Eros Ramazzotti.

 The Blitz-Contest "Melody of Love" on

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Author: Anna Shustrova