The woman with the biggest thighs in the world live in the US
 Are you worried because of the fact that you are too fat thighs? Learn about what is really big hips!

Mikel Rufinelli, a resident of Los Angeles is the owner of the biggest thighs in the world. She was 39 years, and its circumference at the hips is 100 inches, or 2, 54 meters.

She admits that some daily activities give her a hard time. Neither car is not suitable for her, she placed only in the truck. On the plane, she buys two seats, and in some doors and did not go. Another challenge Mikel - find the right clothes. Even underwear she sews to order.

But, despite this, Mikel is quite cheerful and confident. She is not seeking to lose weight by making more shapely thighs. "Every time I walk down the street, I become the center of attention. Some stop and take pictures of me "- Mikel is amusing.

Woman admits that was not always so, but in a lot of old women with full and feminine forms. Hips become the largest in the world after the birth of their fourth child.

In general, the trend began to increase when Mikel was 22 years old. Then she added 25 kilos after the birth of the first child. And after the birth of each subsequent child hip all we expand and extend.

And yet, what is the secret of optimism Mikel? She thinks it's her husband, Reggie Brook. They have been married 10 years, and all this time he loved her more every year, giving it confidence. Himself husband admitted that he delighted with his figures Mikel.

 The woman with the biggest thighs in the world live in the US

Author: Julia Gnedina