Advertising with Keira Knightley Chanel banned in the UK
 Video Advertising Chanel with Keira Knightley in the title role was banned in the UK as too "sexually challenging." The actress is often criticized for its lack of magnificent forms, but the video was banned for ... naked shoulders. Also, the plot is assumed that Knightley naked under the sheets.

Representatives brand Chanel   strongly defended their commercial, insisting that he was playful and sensual, but not sexually explicit. However, the British institution of Advertising Standards ( Advertising Standards Authority - ASA ) With them categorically disagrees and believes that this video can not look young children.

Earlier this ad was shown in commercial breaks during the show cartoon "Ice Age 2: The Meltdown" (Ice Age 2) . Many parents phoned the TV station and complained that the ads with Keira Knightley overly sexy. However, Chanel strongly rejected such allegations, pointing out that the character of Kira in advertising represents the quality of the Coco Chanel Which has been a strong and independent woman. In addition, Chanel focused on what is being discussed in the video there is absolutely no eroticism - the heroine only briefly exposing her shoulders.

The ASA said:
"We noticed that a photographer from a commercial actress helped to unbutton clothes. Also, presumably, the heroine was naked, lying in bed under the sheets."

"We also noticed that there was between a pair of explicit sexual tension, and they were kissing in bed."

"We decided that this ad can show the older children, but this material with explicit sexual overtones, absolutely not suitable for small children."

Author: Anna Shustrova