"Botanical Detox" by Sisley
 Chronic fatigue, daily stress, accelerating the rhythm of life, environmental degradation ... tired skin, clogged pores, and sometimes she does not have time to get rid of toxins that damage the complexion. She needed a break, a kind of "jolt" to cleanse, rejuvenate and replenish the supply of energy. She needs detoxification.

Spend for your skin Botanical D-Tox «Botanical detox" : An intensive course of the night to remove toxins created brand Sisley And able to stop "asphyxia" of the cells, removing toxins from deep layers and the surface of the skin by stimulating the natural defense processes for restoring strength and vitality for a long time.

Botanical D-Tox   It operates globally on 3 main levels of detoxifying the skin:

1. Elimination of toxins from the depths of the cells due to the "sorting" of damaged proteins;

2. The natural defense system of the skin from free radicals is strengthened by the action of antioxidants;

3. More intensive elimination of toxins by stimulating microcirculation.

In addition to the heavy-duty detoxification course Botanical D-Tox   also relieves fatigue and increases stamina, as well as moisturizes and soothes the skin due to a cocktail of components that contribute to an even greater beauty of the skin.

 "Botanical Detox" by Sisley

Botanical D-Tox : The skin is literally filled with new energy 4 weeks !

The end of winter, beginning of spring, birth, fashion week, all hands on deck at work, frequent flights to the change of time zones, and sleepless nights ... Botanical D-Tox   - "The same" tool that is used at any age, at any time of the year to help the skin to "recharge the batteries" and activate the natural processes.

The tool is made in the form of "Night of the emulsion" Because it is night - the most opportune moment for cell purification, since at this time the skin regenerative processes occur. Like after a long sleep, Botanical D-Tox   refreshes the complexion in the morning and gives a feeling of relaxation and incomparable bliss.

On sale from March 1, 2013

Author: MyCharm.ru: Anna Shustrova