Kate Moss became the face of Kerastase!
 Supermodel Kate Moss became the face of the line styling hair Kerastase Couture Styling Range. We remember that in the recent past Moss was the representative brands Dior and Rimmel, as well as produce its own line of cosmetics and perfumes.

Kate Moss never differed luxurious hair, probably why 39-year-old model and chose the brand Kerastase - to show what beauty can be created with the help of their new funds, even in the most ordinary hair.

Moss stylist for a new campaign was creative director Kérastase Also familiar to us from the brand John Frieda . Luigi Murena   (Luigi Murenu). In the new video, you can evaluate the result of their collaboration.

A new collection of funds Kerastase Couture Styling Range   will go on sale in late May.

Author: MyCharm.ru: Anna Shustrova