MAC announces revolutionary Makeup Brushes
 Portal called them tassels future. If now the makeup brushes resemble ordinary brush painters, the new products - an absolute novelty both in form and content.

New brush more like ergonomic toothbrush than usual brush. New products have been tested by some makeup artists at the ongoing New York Fashion Week Fall-2013. Girls model, participated in the experiment, said that they liked the touch of new brushes-brushes.

Currently, MAC introduced a new line of three brushes, but promises that the collection will be expanded. While the main task - to conduct an educational campaign to show consumers the benefits of the new approach to make-up brushes.

 MAC announces revolutionary Makeup Brushes

It is known that the new brush well with powder texture. And applicable even for very complex make-up techniques. Underlying - super-soft synthetic fibers. Now makeup artists recommend using a brush with synthetics, considering them the most convenient to use. For example, a well-known make-up artist Tom Pesho repeatedly shared his secrets, advising never use natural fibers to cream pigments of this, in his opinion, the color gets nasty plaque.

Author: Julia Gnedina