The contest "appetizing chicken"
 In culinary terms, chicken - a universal and absolutely irreplaceable product, dishes harmoniously look anywhere: at a picnic, a party in a dietary dining room, restaurant menus ... It would seem that the new can cook chicken? But, despite its simplicity and prosaic, it still excites the culinary fantasies around the globe. Chicken can be cooked, stew, fry, bake, can be served as a separate dish or as part of other dishes.

Site and publishing house "Eksmo" invites you to participate in a new culinary competition "appetizing chicken." From February 16 to March 18, 2013 inclusive, publish in the competitive group, "appetizing chicken" their recipes with chicken, photographs illustrate their own authorship, calculated calorie and win great prizes!

The first prize will determine the user voting - that is, it takes the author of the recipe, which received the most votes.

The second prize will determine the choice of the administration
The third prize will be determined by selection of the representatives of the sponsor of the competition - publishers EKSMO.

The winners of this competition will receive a prize - a book Nicky Belotserkovskaya   "Gastronomic Recipkies" .

 The contest "appetizing chicken"

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Author: Anna Shustrova