At what age do women look most attractive?
 In the US, it was conducted an interesting study. The researchers analyzed 2,000 people and found out what age they look like the most beautiful, in which - starting to get old, and in which - to lose appeal.

Results are as follows:

- The peak of an attractive woman reaches 30 years
- Signs of aging begin to appear in 41 years,
- Cease to be sexy - 53,
- Look old - from 55.

Men have slightly different numbers. They look most attractive when they were 34 years. Signs of aging appear in 43 years. Ceases to be attractive in 58 years, and look old - 59.

It is worth noting that women and men (readers of the magazine Allure) have almost agreed with the conclusions of scientists. Men named the most attractive in women age - 29 years, women have identified their most attractive at the peak age - 31 years.

The study was published in the British edition

In the photo - Anne Hattauey, in the most attractive age (according to research), it is now 30 years old.

Author: Julia Gnedina