BB cream, SS-cream, and now DD-cream
 Multi-creams have become part of our life. BB cream for the skin and hair, SS-cream ... What is missing? Multifunctional product for the body skin. And so it appeared.

DD-cream - a product for the care of your feet and body. It stands as an abbreviation for «daily defense», which can be translated as a cream for daily protection.

In the new cream texture is hard, even for a good wetting of rough areas like knees, heels, elbows. Rather, multifunctionality will be manifested in the fact that new products will exfoliate, moisturize and act as tanning. While innovation has not been seen, but it is expected that it will be very soon in the UK market, and after, and around the world. Remember how quickly spread the BB cream on the planet?

Author: Julia Gnedina