How many applications designed lipstick?
 An interesting experiment conducted site staff Birchbox (a popular American website on trends and innovations in the field of fashion and beauty). They learned how many applications designed average lipstick.

First girl eksperimentatorshi found that the average length of the lips - 50 mm. We do this by testing 10 employees. And by the way, these data are completely in line with the results of one study.

That is left to figure out how much lipstick stroke length of 50 mm can be performed. So they did. They took a huge sheet of paper purchased at your local pharmacy several tubes of lipstick from different manufacturers and have started work.

After 1000 it has been drawn almost touches it possible to obtain an average figure. Drawing, by the way, with different pressure. And here it is!

 How many applications designed lipstick?
A participant of the experiment from Birchbox

Average lipstick can be applied 293 times . This means that if you apply lipstick three times a day, the stick of lipstick you will end within three months . It turns out time of just one season. And you're still in doubt whether to monitor the trends? Of course, it is worth. After every three months (at least) have to decide what to buy a new lipstick.

Author: Julia Gnedina