Levi's Jeans releases from recycled plastic bottles
 The company wants to turn around 3, 5 million bottles recycled into high-quality denim.

Levi's says that the novelty will not look as if made of garbage. At least, only 20% of the new denim - plastic raw materials. This means that for every pair of jeans, will take about 8 plastic bottles.

Vice-President of Levis Strauss Jonathan Kirby says that the task of the new approach - to protect the nature of the planet. But the ultimate goal - to give people an opportunity to reflect on the attitude to waste.

New jeans come in the spring of 2013, it will be a whole collection of models Waste-Less collection, each pair of which will mark «These jeans are made of garbage» («These jeans are made from waste"). Price for a pair of jeans garbage - about 68 dollars.

How is the new denim?
The raw materials are plastic bottles of different colors, as well as disposable tableware. This is "good" is sent to the production plant, where it is converted into fine granules, of which woven polyester fiber. The fiber coupled with cotton thread, and it turns out high-strength denim.

 Levi's Jeans releases from recycled plastic bottles

Externally trash jeans only slightly darker than usual. But inside are different, instead of the classic white or gray - brown wrong side.

Author: MyCharm.ru: Julia Gnedina