Schauma Oil-Care: royal care of hair at an affordable price
 Schauma is a welcome novelty - Oil-luxurious care, nourish and strengthen the hair without greasy and weighting. This tool is ideal for owners of dry, lifeless hair, suffering from a lack of gloss and increased fragility. Damaged hair requires additional power and oil by-Care Schauma become for them a real salvation!

New from Schauma   suitable for any hair type and length.
Oil-Care   It can be used in several ways:

* Before washing the head to supplementary feeding and recovery. If you wish for a deeper penetration of oils you can wrap your hair with a towel or a special cap.

* After washing to dry hair to protect them when blow-drying or straightening utjuzhkom.

* After washing, the entire length of the dried hair to give them a shine or tips to strengthen them.

 Schauma Oil-Care: royal care of hair at an affordable price

The structure means includes argan oil that is appreciated in the industry of hair care products. It is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins A, E, F . Regular use of this medicinal oil makes hair live, obedient, radiant health. Argan oil   promotes hair growth, dandruff, restores the damaged scales, prevents split ends. With this nutritional components during use extra care trends will receive not only the hair, but also my hands.

Oil-Care   instantly absorbed, leaving no traces on clothing and hair. Its delicate flavor lift your spirits and remind you of warm countries and gentle sun. A small amount of oil is enough for the application of the entire length of the hair, so one bottle can be used for many months.

Estimated price: 165 rubles.

Author: Anna Shustrova