Schauma Phyto-Caffeine - new items for your luxury hair
 The new Schauma line Phyto-Caffeine with plant extracts transform dull and brittle hair, restoring them to health and a unique luster.

Owners thin and prone to hair loss often have difficulty choosing the right tools for hair care. Especially for them, brand Schauma has developed a new series of funds for the health and beauty of hair.

Schauma Phyto-Caffeine   - A new level of hair strengthening, for noticeably thicker and stronger hair.

The power of natural caffeine and plant extracts were combined with the latest achievements of cosmetology, making the process of hair restoration part of daily care. Thanks to a unique formula Schauma Phyto-Caffeine   strengthens the hair from within and restores their structure, restoring luster and shine.

The new product line Schauma Phyto-Caffeine   It contains natural ingredients for the care of thin and weakened hair:

• Caffeine gently strengthens hair from within, activating hair follicles.
• An innovative herbal formula restores the hair's natural strength, density, and fills them with light.
• Antioxidants, found in plants, protect hair from the negative influence of the environment and promote natural regeneration.

Antioxidants - are the main protectors of the body. They slow down the aging process, increase resistance to infection, charged us with energy and give a good mood.

Bright and invigorating fragrance means a new series gives a good mood, promotes a rush of energy and inspiration for new achievements!

Caffeine provides the flow of energy directly into the hair follicle. Due to this growth phase are becoming longer, and it is possible to keep the thick and healthy hair for years to come.

The Schauma line Phyto-Caffeine includes 4 exclusive means: shampoo activator volume of 380 and 225 ml firming balm and 1-minute mask treatment.

• Activator - shampoo Phyto-Caffeine 380 ml and 225 ml - effectively nourishes and gently stimulates the hair roots. Average retail price: 88 and 77 rubles.
 Schauma Phyto-Caffeine - new items for your luxury hair

• Strengthening Balm Phyto-Caffeine   fill hair magical glow, making them smooth and docile. The average retail price of 70 rubles.
 Schauma Phyto-Caffeine - new items for your luxury hair

• 1-minute mask-care Phyto-Caffeine   It takes effect immediately and transforms the hair in just one minute! The average retail price of 120 rubles.

 Schauma Phyto-Caffeine - new items for your luxury hair

With the new series Schauma Phyto-Caffeine   You can forget about spoiled mood due to insufficient volume of hair, their loss and lack luster. Now the hair is always in safe hands!

Author: Anna Shustrova