Londa Professional Essentials: new professional nail
 In the line of styling Londa Professional has a new tool: professional hairspray normal fixation Essentials. The main advantage of novelty is that it provides a movable fixation for the whole day, and is not only an independent means for everyday styling, but also the perfect addition to any other product Londa Professional line of styling.

Why should you opt for the Londa Professional Essentials?

Hairspray - one of the most popular tools in any hairdressing salon. After styling - it's the final stage of creating a master image. Women trusted stylist when they want to change the color of hair or refresh an existing one, to make a fundamentally new hairstyle or make changes to an already familiar - and without professional styling effect would not be complete. New hairspray Londa Professional Essentials - an exclusive salon formula in economical format (500 ml), which provides mobile fixation for the whole day through active interaction with the hairdo. Varnish is easy and completely removed from the hair combing and glues them. It is equally well suited for everyday styling, and to create more complex images of the evening.

Positioning Londa Professional Essentials on existing tools for fixing: Set, Fix, Sculpt It, Transition and Lock.

New nail Essentials differs primarily for its versatility: it is not intended to replace any of the existing tools, but is expanding its range as an independent and, at the same time, an additional means of installation. With the Londa Professional Essentials on any hair styling can be done "from scratch" or fix the result obtained by the use of other specialized funds Londa Professional (lacquers Set, Fix, Sculpt It, Transition and Lock).

Lucky normal (Set), strong (Fix, Sculpt It and Transition) and STYLER (Lock) designed for the target application - each in their own area. So, fast drying Set - a soft but rugged styling. Fix provides long-lasting hold up to 24 hours. Specially formulated polish Sculpt It no aerosol is designed to isolate individual strands, giving them shape and shine. Transition - it's varnish of strong fixing, which remains elastic within one minute after application, allowing you to add the finishing touches to her hair. Finally, Lock - nail STYLER, in the formula which actively moisturizing ingredients - panthenol.

Bottles with varnish Set and Fix feature updated spray that forms droplets when using varnish smaller, which makes it extremely excellent result. Thanks to the new improved formula Transition Lock and these funds are more effective and faster spray drying and styling hair when processed more evenly; resulting hairstyle lasts longer.

 Londa Professional Essentials: new professional nail

It is important to note that all funds for styling Londa Professional are based on exclusive technology 3D-Sculpt ™. Direction of action mikropolimery 3D-Sculpt ™ support created by the shape of hair, weaving a three-dimensional structure between the hairs and provide a secure hold for up to 24 hours.

New hairspray Essentials by Londa Professional - is a salon quality styling of any complexity

Making professional styling has never been so easy and versatile hairspray Londa Professional Essentials for creating hairstyles of any complexity - from relatively simple daily decisions to unusual and intricate shapes and textures evening. It is effective as an independent means for stacking or in combination with other products from a collection styling Londa Professional.

Londa Professional Essentials provides normal lock of hair and is available in 500 ml bottles. Its value in combination with high quality of the result will surprise hairdressers and their clients.

Author: MyCharm.ru: Anna Shustrova