"Gold Julia" on myJulia.ru
 Gold Julia - a contest of stories that have to be present gold. Gold in any form - in the title role, or minor, living or non-living, as a decoration or as a character - whether it's "hands of gold", "golden eye" or "heart of gold" - you decide, the authors.

The contest will run from November 7 to December 7 And will be held in the "On the mysteries of talking is not boring" under the heading "Gold Julia." Winners will be announced December 9 .

The founders of the contest - the portal Myjulia.ru and writer Natalia Solntseva.

 "Gold Julia" on myJulia.ru

The winners will receive prizes as new books Natalia Solntseva from the series "Gold" - the novel "The Sun Temple Tree Gold" and "In the mountains, closer to the sky." This is a book about the most precious thing we have - love, loyalty, friendship, affection, desire to help one's neighbor, to understand and accept it whatever it was. Perhaps these feelings are priceless, not only among us but also on any other planet, in any other universe. Only the final in this series can be supplied ... gold - sacred gift of the sun, the secret of which has not yet been disclosed. Gold can change the destiny of the state, the fate of man, any other metal does not have a magic power. Mystery man - the most mystical creatures - are trying to unravel the centuries. Maybe it will be the key to unlocking it gold? ..

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Author: MyCharm.ru: Anna Shustrova