New flavor paired Selection by S.Oliver Difference
 Company MÄURER & WIRTZ, one of the world's leading perfume houses, has released a new flavor paired Selection by s.Oliver Difference. Perfume joins premium perfumery line s.Oliver Selection.

Selection by s.Oliver Difference Women   It captivates with its soft, elegant floral aroma with warm oriental notes. The inspiration for the new fragrance has served as a modern woman: strong, attractive and sensual, elegant and confident. The top note reveals the exotic fruit cocktail pineapple   and melons   with a delicate aroma pink pepper . At the heart of the fragrance are energetic and fresh Water Chords   and floral elements . Vanilla   and wood tones   in the base note, united in a seductive mix of velvet.

 New flavor paired Selection by S.Oliver Difference

Selection by s.Oliver Difference Men   - Fresh fragrance with woody notes. Creators inspired modern man: elegant, active, attractive, sophisticated and self-confident. The top note is revealed quite unexpected, but at the same time recognizable combination spicy apple, ginger   and cinnamon . The heart of the fragrance combines notes basil, lavender   and violet leaves . The base note of warm wood chords   It completes the composition and gives a unique flavor of masculine charm.

 New flavor paired Selection by S.Oliver Difference

Massive glass vials Selection by s.Oliver Difference   made in a minimalist style, and reflect a clear design a new definition of elegance. Metal nameplate surprisingly complements the exquisite shape, made in dark purple and dark blue colors. The color scheme gives the bottle a special kind, and represents confidence in his style and charisma.

The main message of flavor and, accordingly, the campaign in support of it - "Make the difference" Do not be afraid to express their individuality. People leading a vibrant life - independent and adhering to our principles - the real person. Those who have their flaws, but to preserve their identities. Those who believe in the unique quality and is not afraid to stand out in the urban everyday life and shine among the masses.

Eau de toilette Selection by s.Oliver Difference Men and Women is available in retail chains with Russia in October 2012 .

Author: Anna Shustrova