Advertise with Mila Kunis is banned in the UK
 British organization ASA, tracking of compliance with the standards in advertising, banned further advance advertising body cream with Mila Kunis way. Promises recognized advertising misleading.

Officials from advertising felt that women are unlikely to get a body like Mila, if they use the body cream Rodial. And that is what advertising promises. And just 24 hours! By the way, the cream costs 75 pounds.

Rebelled specialists and the fact that the cream manufacturer has not provided any evidence that the cream works. Some promises and no test results.

 Advertise with Mila Kunis is banned in the UK
Advertising, which prohibited

It should be noted that the association ASA, controlling advertising in the UK is now almost the most rigorous in the world. Even the images of celebrities are not for her authority. Previous campaigns have been banned from stars like Natalie Portman, Rachel Weisz, Dakota Fanning, Julia Roberts, Christy Turlington, Angelina Jolie, Beyonce.

Author: Julia Gnedina